Punchcard quests

2021.09.16 12:32 NiffyJiffy2008 Punchcard quests

Can I do the sideways quests without the anamoly or does it have to be the anamoly? Don't know if i spelled anamoly right.....
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2021.09.16 12:32 TheHoly-Cabbage Dropshipping queations

Hi everyone, I have been looking into dropshipping lately but It's lead me to a few questions...

  1. What happens if my supplier runs out of stock and a customer has placed an order?
  2. Are customers allowed to know about your supplier? Because wouldn't it then just make sense for the customer to head on over to the suppliers store and purchase the product there for a cheaper price?
These are my two biggest questions as of right now. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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2021.09.16 12:32 Capt_Easychord Family - Boots 'n' Roots

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2021.09.16 12:32 Canadianpolitics2002 'A stab in the back': France rebukes Australia after it ditches the submarine deal

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2021.09.16 12:32 Twant Toa Hell Rank 1 Eu Server 30* Guide September Rotation

After a 5 month drought I finally was able to reach rank 1 again although this rotation had a couple of fails along the way
In game and on twitch I am mostly known as sogukpolar. You can see my playthrough on twitch. The vods (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1023521323) can be found here and here.
Stage 1 Laima
immune to cd increasing effects/no passives
This stage is the easiest as enemy speeds aren't as high. So the restrictions don’t do much. I went double bird to kill things faster as atk bar reduction was more than enough. For the safer route pick another atk bar reduction unit for shaman.
Stage 2 Aschubel
1 turn immunity/counter attack at the start of battle
(Like 2 months ago I didn't notice that you don't even need Tetra for this stage. It was pretty early in the morning lol)
Annoying restrictions if you do not have Tiana or Giana. Other than that there is not much to say here. I am not sure who could replace Tiana. I've heard of someone going stripper + reviver. That way you can have the stripper alive again in the next stage. I haven't tried this myself so take it with a grain of salt.
Stage 3 Mugwol
immune to cooldown/immune to inability effects
The first wave is quite annoying with Tractor and Wedjat. Defeat the Wedjats first so they don't give def buff.
Second wave is Fire Witch and Susano. Be careful. The Susanos have increased res because of their passives. I would advise you to rune higher acc for this one. Defeat the fire witches first as they can cleanse and heal.
The boss stage was manageable. Let Spectra go first to put slow on the enemy monsters followed by a multi hit atk bar reduction unit like CP or Tyron so the Moores don't move. Brough Shaman as well for massive damage on the dark boss.
Stage 4 Masha
immune to cd increasing effects/15% atk bar per hit
First wave is light Rakshasa and Josephine. Make your Spectra able to tank 2 skill 2s from Josie. Stun them with Tyron and stun them again when he gets his skill back. Then take them out one by one.
Second wave is Nyx Poseidon Triton Mannanan Oke. I failed this one time because of rng. Happens when Nyx is on the field. What I just learned is that Nyx' passive only applies to debuffs and not to atk bar reduction. If you contol them early on I don't see a problem with this wave.
Boss stage can be tricky as Masha is fast and gets double the amount of atk bar because of her passive. The side monsters can be controlled easily. Just make sure to distribute your hits as necessary.
Stage 5 Pontos
immune to cooldown/3000 reflect dmg per hit
For almost every reflect stage I run this team (except if there also is heal block as restriction for stage 10 I tried something different as well). Put high hp on your Verad and heal him back up after you use his third skill. So Bella goes after Verad.
Last time this stage was around you couldn't reset their skills which makes sense with the monster present. Vela, Water Death Knight, Pontos... All immunity monsters. Well now that you can reset them this stage doesn't cause any problems in my opinion as you can reset and freeze them. Be aware of Potos speed which is around 270.
Stage 6 Sylvia
immune to inability/22% extra turn
Last time this stage was around there was no inability instead of no buff. This made this stage quite a bit easier. I took Verad instead of Tyron because I wanted immediate, full control in the second wave consisting of Leo, Rag and 3 Laikas.
The boss stage was easy. Though be careful of Sylvia. She has about 270 speed.
Stage 7 Nicky and Charlotte
immmune to cooldown/25% chance to stun
For almost every reflect stage I run this team (except if there also is heal block as restriction for stage 10 I tried something different as well). Put high hp on your Verad and heal him back up after you use his third skill. So Bella goes after Verad. You could bring Jeanne here as well instead of Verad.
First wave: 2 Alexandra, 3 Ahman: Be aware of the reflect damage of Alexandra here. Other than that no problem. Glancing on Ahman helps as well.
Second wave: 2 wind Lulus, 3 light Serpents: Don't be afraid of the light Serpents. If they are atk broken they don't deal much damage even with full stacks. They will focus dark homunculus who should be built tanky anyway.
Boss stage: 2 Moore, 2 Light Gargoyles and Lucifer: Before touching them with Verad I made sure the Moores were reset (no problem if you happen to use Jeanne and they are provoked) Focus the boss and you should be good to go.
Stage 8 Asima
Silence at the start of battle/no buffs
First wave has one Succubus of each element: No problem
Second wave has 3 Miho and 2 wind cats: Not as scary as it sounds. You have enough sustain with Tetra.
Boss stage is where it gets tricky: 2 Wind Monkey, 2 Dark Poison Masters and Asima. Yes you can reset their skills which is good. The monkeys revenge all the time and the dark guys give atk bar according to their harmful effects which is quite annoying. This stage can go downhill quickly. Jeanne might be a good f2p option. Was thinking about Tesa as well. Anyway I focused the boss although it got close in the end. Be aware who to hit and keep an eye on the atk bars. Try to put glancing on the boss and especially on the monkeys to lower their chance of stunning. If one monkey has glancing and the other doesn't for example, hit the one who doesn't have glancing (depending on the atk bar of course).
Stage 9 Lydia
permanent healblock/15% atk bar on hit
This stage can be cheesed. With chloe as well. Make sure that Zairos goes third so that he resets the Narshas as they will strip your dark homunculus. Build the team fast, also spd tuning should be tight together. You want Zaiross to go before the narshas which is not easy as they get a spd boost every time one of your monsters move. Anyway the turn order with chloe would look like this: Chloe (around 260 spd should be enough)> Mihyang> Zaiross (preferably on despair)> Michelle> Dark Homie. You will have invincibility permanently.
Other options for Zaiross are 2A dark Pixie and fire Taoist.
Stage 10 Ath'taros
no buffs/3000 reflect damage per hit
This stage is very rng heavy so I tried something different after 5 fails. Herne is quite good here and despite me thinking otherwise in the beginning you will not lack control with this team. Double heal is very helpful, as is Hernes cleanse, especially at the final boss.
For the first wave oblivion and attack Tetras first. Oblivion the Douglas' along the way and bring them down bit by bit.
Female Boss is quite easy with Herne. Oblivion the side monsters (green always first then red then blue). You could go the safe route and kill the side adds first which buys you time when the boss is stunned. In my opinion though you can go straight for the main boss if she is red. If she is blue kill the side adds first and put it on auto. If she is green kill both as well.
Third wave consists of 2 Lexys and 3 Akromas. I took my homunculus off vio and made her incredibly tanky. Start off with seal magic and then oblivion the Lexys one by one. Make sure your Homunculus goes before the Akromas so you have Hernes third up again by next turn. Try to glance the Lexys with Gany if you have the opportunity. Finish off the Lexys and go from there. The rest shouldn't be a problem.
Boss stage can be tricky. Every monster needs to be tanky for this because the boss will take a turn eventually. Also he is around 270 combat speed. Use your atk bar reduces wisely. If you have debuffs on you, be it from the left tower or from the boss' attack throw them back with Herne. Make sure the atk bar of the boss is behind the atk bar of the right tower so the boss doesn't take a double turn because of the right towers boost. Work the boss down slowly with spectra and have atk break, slow and glancing (if possible) on the boss at all times. Good luck
If you have further questions feel free to ask.
Runes are from last rotation but they didn't change much if at all
Reruned dark homie for stage 10 to not be on vio. Everybody else is Violent. Except Tetra and Tiana are on swift, Pontos is on Despair and Shaman on blade swift hp, crit dmd, def.
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2021.09.16 12:32 Tessia0710 Where to read My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 220 - Enchanting Woman online for free!!

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2021.09.16 12:32 gamiseki1977 Así se vio el Grito de Independencia con un Zócalo vacío desde CDMX

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2021.09.16 12:32 TheRealLardin "The Power Of Love" (Back To The Future OST) - Bass Cover With Tabs

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2021.09.16 12:32 Siarry Mathi | Memtrix - All You Are [Brink] + HDDT 99.87% FC #1 | 603pp | 71.9 cv. UR | 1st DT FC

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Came home and noticed my facebook messenger says waiting for network. Same with my other family members on their cell phones. So I connected my roku and it wanted me to setup a network. I canceled out of that pop up, and then opened vudu. It said "no internet, open anyway?" So I opened the application. And I was able to watch any movie on vudu. My cellphone along with everyone else's says connected but no internet, and the wifi network name has the word "SLOW" under it. My desktop pc has issues loading web pages but certain apps work like blizzard launcher.
What I have tried to fix it
I've restarted the router, I've unplugged the battery pack that has the fiber from outside connecting into it. I've unplugged and plugged in the fiber cable from outside that goes into the battery pack. I've reset my internet settings on multiple devices. I tested packet loss and trace routing. Packet loss 100% and trace routing loss.
The battery pack that has the fiber from outside urged into it, has a fan on it. The fan was loud forever. However today, when all these issues happened, it stopped running completely, it the green light on it is still saying it's good.
Kinda at a loss. Going to call my isp later this morning.
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2021.09.16 12:32 User20AR Why there’s no more King of the Hill ?

Why there’s no more King of the Hill ?
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2021.09.16 12:32 bivukaz Can someone explain that bar to me?

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2021.09.16 12:32 Young_henati Ps5 version of dbfz connection

Recently was able to get my hands on a ps5 and I was playing with a friend whos on ps4 and the frames kept jumping from 5-10 frames. We’d usually get 1-3 on ps4 so I decided to go back on mine and it was back to 1-3 frames connection. Is this a known problem?
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2021.09.16 12:32 insomnimax_99 Such a shame this beast isn’t flying anymore

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2021.09.16 12:32 Itsyaboee Pro x wireless headset stuck at 87%

So I purchased this headset 3 weeks ago and I never really fully charged it, when I left the headset to charge today it’s been stuck on 87% and won’t seem to charge any higher, when I go inside the headset setting in the ghub software it says approx full charge 24 hours, has anyone encountered this before ?
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2021.09.16 12:32 Hot-Elderberry2974 [F22] I practice being open about my feelings, but I feel he (M22) teases me about it. I also don't get the answers I'm looking for.

I am a little frustrated over my dating situation and need a place to vent, since all my friends are at work or in school now.
I (F22) have been seeing this guy (M22) for 1,5 months now.
From the beginning, I've made it clear that I am looking for a boyfriend and asked him to be transparent as I have had my single life and, before meeting him, I spent a long time with a guy who in the end did not know what he wanted. I made it clear several times, and he was onboard and told me he was also looking for a girlfriend. He deleted tinder after first date and was quite vocal about his interest. I was a little unsure about him in the beginning, but grew fond of him, and we were officially exclusive after a few weeks. He got out of a long (5 years) relationship last year and is also done with casually dating.
I feel our communication is a bit off sometimes. He doesn't.
The current problem is that I have been giving out many suggestions that I like him. For instance, two weeks ago, I told him that I was starting to feel something for him and told him that while I did not expect us to become gf and bf right away or get married tomorrow, I would like him to let me know if he did not see us becoming a couple at some time, because then, I would look after myself. His reply was "So I only have to say something if that is the case?". I was a bit too vulnerable to deal with his games and just said yes. Silence followed, and he asked "Was that answer enough?". And I said yes. But it was not. I would like a clearer response on what he might feel about us/me. He afterwards said "You should not have to worry about me hurting you. Did you really not think I wanted to be with you like that (as gf/bf)?", but still not saying that he would like to, at some point, directly. So I decided to trust him on it instead of being unsure, but other problems arose (see further down) that made it difficult to not worry.
Also, he tends to tease me about these emotional talks. Afterwards, he said, "wow, you really looked like you were having an existential crisis there", to which I replied "well, yeah, I was in a vulnerable situation".
Another thing is that he has willingly met many of my friends and school buddies and refer to them as if they were our mutual friends. But I haven't met any of his. He did once suggest we went for a beer with his friends, which I accepted, but we ended up staying at home instead. I was looking forward to it, though. A friend of mine pointed out that people have different needs when it comes to meeting friends. For me, it is important that the person I am seeing meets my friends, but I think she is right in that it is not like that for everyone.
We are however very affectionate in public and have been so almost since the beginning. We run into lots of his colleagues and his students, and he never lets go of my hand whilst saying hello to them. We also ran into his mom sometime, but we had just gotten out, so we were not holding hands yet.
And he has let me know that his friends "like my memes" and they know we're dating. Another example is that my mom asked about him on the phone while he was here, and afterwards he kept repeating "ooh, it sounds like your mom knows who I am". Altogether, it is not a fun tease anymore. So I replied "Yeah, I was dating a guy for 4 months and we we're quite serious and travelling together etc, so it is natural that my closest family knew about him. When we ended things, she asked me how I was, and I mentioned I was dating you, but I would not usually bring up a guy after just 1,5 months". The latter is not entirely true, but I was a bit fed up with his teasing. I told him that my mom had invited him to our family dinner, but that I had not told him because I figured it was too early. Again, he did not really answer.
The teasing hurts because I have been scared of being clingy in the past, so I was very reserved and not emotional, which often meant that I pushed guys away. I am trying hard to be open about my feelings and needs, but all I get is this in return.
The last thing is that he has some physical issues that means that we have not been able to have sex yet. We both really want to. He has been very open about this and gone to the doctor, which I really appreciated. Pulling back the foreskin feels uncomfortable, and his doctor advised him to just suck it up and get used to it slowly. He felt his doctor did not understand the problem. I am trying to be supportive, to listen, and not be inflicting in a topic that is most likely very sensitive to him, but I would also just like him to consult another doctor and try to suggest that it may be tight foreskin.
Yesterday, we tried again.
He kept saying that he felt bad for making me wait on him getting used to the uncomfortable feeling and was scared that I might end up being irritated for having "practiced" eg 30 times (his words) and still not getting anything out of it. I told him that I was mature enough to make that judgement myself and that, as I had told him before, was willing to wait for him. He gave me a big smile and kissed me. But then he kept repeating the same things, and I tried to ask several times if what he really meant was that he was not willing to wait? He just repeated his insecurities and said that he would really like it to work and us to be together in that way too. Now I remember that he did also quietly mention that he was not sure if it was ever gonna work, though. And then he suggested that maybe our bodies just don't fit together. That hurt in some way. I said something in the lines of that I like him and think we fit together in other ways, so I would be sad if that was gonna be what ended things. I've been spending the last couple of hours thinking about what made me sad and writing this, I guess what he said makes it sound like we're getting closer to the end already. Like he's already given up on it.
He repeated the thing about letting me wait for it, and again, I said that that was my decision to make, but that the only thing I may worry about is if I end up falling in love with him and then we have to end things because of this ... I think I was expecting a reply, but he did not say anything, so I just continued that I guess it was something we'd have to take along the way, and I'd have to say stop if it became too much. To which he replied, "Just promise me you will say stop then". Which I guess is a way of respecting my feelings, but it just hit differently. I don't know why, but I was kind of hoping that he would reply with something else, and not just "ok, but do say stop if so", because it sounds like he's not as emotionally invested as I had hoped for. Idk.
I know 1,5 months in is early, but we've been quite open and close from the beginning. Last week, we saw each other 5 days, and on 3 of them, I was sick, and he came all the way to just take care of me. And we talk everyday.
The post is very long, I know, but any advice or comments are welcome. I am tired of "fishing" for his responses on how he may feel about me, but I also think I have been quite direct so many times, that it would scare him off if I keep mentioning how I feel about him.
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2021.09.16 12:32 MarshallCoop haven't done the sculpting often, what do you guys think?

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2021.09.16 12:32 Mundane-Guidance-379 PSP E1004/3004 Joystick stuck

My PSP Joystick is stuck. Is there a way to fix it without opening it. PS: it doesn’t move at all.
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2021.09.16 12:32 captbollocks I can’t believe people get this angry over sports.

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2021.09.16 12:32 Barditz [Discussion] What plat are you most proud of?

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2021.09.16 12:32 PotatoNoHappiness The witch is back again! Hihihi

Uh, nothing. Its just that everytime im hurt I become my old fucking self(which i also love cos that personality is cool lmao) but yeah, Im mean once again.
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2021.09.16 12:32 FranskMadlavning Feminister amok over ‘øremærket barsel’: “Det er altså ikke ligestilling når man fratages en rettighed.”

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2021.09.16 12:32 Adam_ps M29

Arab male 29 looking to meet new ppl from everywhere Dm me
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2021.09.16 12:32 Lakonthegreat Pain.

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2021.09.16 12:32 RoyalArtefakt Mila Kunis

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