Was given this green friend as gift a while ago. Anyone who knows what plant this is?

2021.09.16 12:06 Hippopotamusminor Was given this green friend as gift a while ago. Anyone who knows what plant this is?

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2021.09.16 12:06 finanzmarktwelt Maschinenbau: 81 Prozent der Firmen mit Lieferproblemen, 90 Prozent daher mit weniger Umsatz

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2021.09.16 12:06 whitebIoodredsnow TLOU2, Grounded + Permadeath = Kicking my ass

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2021.09.16 12:06 finanzmarktwelt Aktienmärkte und Konsum – die Abhängigkeit der USA

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2021.09.16 12:06 WIMPDRAGN Why are download so slow on pcs?

Every single time I've ever tried to download something on a pc (every one I've used)
I try to download games and I'm lucky to get even 5mb/s. On average its around 2mb/s. Plugging ethernet into it doesn't do much, just makes it sit between 2-4/s on average
Yet on my ps4/5 I can get 20+mb/s on average
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2021.09.16 12:06 Tessia0710 Where to read Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 866 - A New Record online for free!!

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2021.09.16 12:06 Kitchen_Courage_9815 Created by an incompatible version

So iv just opened my minecraft on the latest snapshot (21w37a) and i cant open any worlds from 1.17.1 version, are those worlds lost forever? Or its just not possible to open a release on a snapshot and the other way around? (Should I wait for the full 1.18 release?)
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2021.09.16 12:06 AdRepresentative7600 The Principles of Decision Making

In the day to day life, people have to make decisions that propel them to the next level of achievement. It may start personally with just deciding to wake up and goes so far as even making decisions that affect the world. There are many theorists, all over the world, who have developed styles and methods of making decisions and the expected results. The paper will discuss three methods of decision making, John Holland’s six personality characteristics and the exceptions to confidentiality. Harren, Scott, and Bruce made an interesting study on the decision-making styles. Parents have different ways of relating to their children. Their kind of authority to their kids makes them grow up with a certain mind shape about life. Authoritarian parents set very high standards for their children. They have high expectations from them but the children do not have a say in the decision-making process. Children grow up knowing that they have no expression of their own. Democratic families allow their children to contribute freely to decision-making processes (Madureira, Reis, and Marques 520). Parents have moderate expectations from their children. Permissive parents allow their children to become more active in decision making without interference. Parents have no expectations of them. They rely on impulses and no guidance from parents. In democratic and permissive families, children have higher levels of independence. As they become adults, they do not necessarily depend on a guide for life decisions. Children from permissive parenthood may not have the capacity to make the right decisions. When people rely on intuitive styles, they make decisions based on emotions and feelings. Schvaneveldt and Adams also support this intuitive decision-making style (Sofo 160). When there is no motivation, the person becomes disoriented from participating in meaningful decision making. The dependent style policymakers tend to rely on others for consultation. When there is little or no guidance, the person fails in decision making. The planning style requires an individual who gathers information and evaluates potential outcomes (Wagner and Simpson 96). John Holland studied personality types and their relationship to their environment. The Realistic person likes to work with tools and animals. Such people tend to avoid common places and activities. They may not become teachers or doctors because it would mean associating with people. Investigative people deal with scientific and mathematical problems (Jordan 260). They avoid leadership roles or activities that involve persuading people to do something. They cannot become good salespeople because of their nature. They see themselves as being intellectuals and precise concerning the matters that they handle in their daily lives. Artistic people involve themselves with creative things like art, dance, and creative writing. They distance themselves from repetitive and highly ordered activities. They have creative abilities and find an excuse just to expand their skills in that area. They are always independent and original in their thinking and operations (Jordan 260). Social people like associating with others and helping them whenever they can. They would mostly like being teachers, nurses, and offering customer care services. They would involve giving and information sharing. They are helpful and trustworthy. They like solving social problems. Enterprising people are energetic go-getters. They do not like scientific and analytical thinking. They are good leaders and good salespeople. They are always ambitious, sociable, and successful businesspeople. People who bear the conventional trait are practical and work with numbers. They like orderly steps and systems that allow them to employ their skills. Whenever there are unstructured ways of working, they avoid such places and activities (Villanueva 450). Client confidentiality is a principle that requires that an individual or a corporate does not share a person or customer’s information with a third party without prior consent. However, confidentiality has limitations. The law protects citizen’s rights but not when the enjoyment of those rights seriously affects other people. Anyone can report a case in which there is a child, elder, and dependent adult abuse. When a child is under sixteen years old and is involved in crime and ill-treatment, the parent or any other person can report such an incident (Polowy and Gorenberg 260). One can also report neglect of child and elder by the duty bearers. When there is sufficient evidence that an elder is suffering from physical abuse or emotional distress the confidentiality exception allows one to report. The Duty to Protect law allows a therapist or any caregiver to report cases where the patient or client confesses a grave threat of physical violence against an identifiable victim. The therapist or caregiver can warn the intended victim or victims (Polowy and Gorenberg 260). They can also report the matter to the responsible authorities. It removes immunity from any such person or persons intending to commit the crime. The Patriotic Act requires therapists to fashion law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation with client information. Previously they did not have to inform the customer that the FBI had inquired about their documents. But the law changed to allow the agencies also to contact the patient or client concerning the same. Decision making is critical. It begins from childhood and does not have an end. Personality traits affect people and their environment. It is essential to one’s career and ambitions. Exceptions to confidentiality allow people to live without fear that others’ actions and thoughts may cause them harm.
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2021.09.16 12:06 Trzynu How to make my movement smooth?

How to make my movement smooth? Movement code:
extends KinematicBody2D var MS = 150 func _physics_process(delta): var motion = Vector2() if Input.is_action_pressed("up"): motion.y -= 1 if Input.is_action_pressed("down"): motion.y += 1 if Input.is_action_pressed("right"): motion.x += 1 if Input.is_action_pressed("left"): motion.x -= 1 motion = motion.normalized() motion = move_and_slide(motion * MS) look_at(get_global_mouse_position()) 

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Info about PROJECT ION CASE STUDY from 2020
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2021.09.16 12:06 ChristianWoolff [REQUEST] Can someone change the socks to Black. Thank you.

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2021.09.16 12:06 Jlvdaum Gaming Company Fined for Letting Minors Play Past Their Curfew

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2021.09.16 12:06 Smoothknights4w What is the rank of Black Pink members in vocals, rap, dance, and visuals?

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2021.09.16 12:06 davidaguilar3 Elena Kamperi onlyfans nude leak video 1

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2021.09.16 12:06 MrWiatch Price check: Handmade q/ffr/gho

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2021.09.16 12:06 nathan85t Restrict VPN users to certain VLANS

We want to vlan access to our resources, internally that's fine. But for users that remote in via client VPN is there a way to restrict which VLANS they can access?
When I say resources I mean things like our SIP server or access to our finance server.
Would be great if I could put VPN users into groups for access to individual resources.
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2021.09.16 12:06 Kindly-Judgment-1889 Issues in Dataset Development for Supervised Machine Learning

If you have worked on at least one Machine Learning project, then this survey will likely apply to you. It's for FYP research purposes. We would really appreciate it if anyone can help out by filling this form or by forwarding it to others.
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2021.09.16 12:06 Khaled2594 Recording SDR content while HDR is turned on

because of Adobe Premiere can't render HDR content using Cuda Cores (GPU). I want to record my gameplay in SDR but without turning off HDR. it would be such a waste to turn it off because this feature gives so much life to game. is there a way in ShadowPlay Recording to do that? if not, is there another software with this feature?
with best regards, Khaled
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2021.09.16 12:06 Superb_Improvement62 🕸️Spider-Doge🐕 just Fair-launched🚀 & swooping his way into the Crypto & DeFi Market! Spider-Doge is here to look out for the little guy & put Satoshis in your pocket! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Doge is embarking on a Heroic Viral Marketing campaign to build DeFi's best community of Heroes.

🕸️Spider-Doge🐕 just Fair-launched🚀 & swooping his way into the Crypto & DeFi Market! Spider-Doge is here to look out for the little guy & put Satoshis in your pocket! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Doge is embarking on a Heroic Viral Marketing campaign to build DeFi's best community of Heroes. Team-up withthe most heroic token in the Crypto & DeFi Market!
Spider Doge is a heroic new decentralized, community-governed DeFi token. Spider-Doge is the first and founding Hero-Token in our planned Doge-Hero Ecosystem. There will be more Doge-Heros teaming up with Spider-Doge to create the first of its kind Doge-Hero themed ecosystem. This ecosystem will result in a Doge-Hero Hub Swap and Legendary NFT's
🌎Website: https://www.spiderdoge.org/
👉 Get it on Pancakeswap!
📱Telegram: https://t.me/SpiderDogeCoin
📱Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpiderDogeCoin
🏛️BSC Scan: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8fbb4cbfacd1716008a77b4581c71051f5567540
📝 Contract: 0x8fbb4cbfacd1716008a77b4581c71051f5567540
Our Heroic Tokenomics features the following:
Heroic Auto-liquidity Generation: All Spider- Doge transactions will contribute 6% to Liquidity ensuring price stability, sustainability, and security to all traders.This contribution ensures that Spider Doge is sustainable and scales as the community grows. Asset holders can also provide additional liquidity and earn interest as our market cap grows.
Heroic Rewards- All Spider-Doge Holders will observe their token balance grow through Reflection Rewards at targeted intervals as the community grows. This ability will allow holders to effectively earn interest over time and will scale as the community grows. Spider-Doge will see the community rewarded for its support every step of the way, through every milestone.
Decentralization- Our Heroic Token has no Dev Wallet and Contract Ownership was renounced at launch!, therefore no individual or entity has ownership of the contract, adding security, fairness and protection for our community and making our token truly decentralized. Spider-Doge was bug tested rigorously using the testnet prior to launch to ensure absolute security, efficiency and scalability, it was designed to be scalable, self-sustaining, and to scale seamlessly and frictionlessly on a fully autonomous and rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem.
Doge-Hero NFT Marketplace- Our Doge-Hero themed NFT Marketplace and its offerings is on the horizon! Spider-Doge will team up with his other Superhero Friends to drop Doge-Hero themed NFT's. We will be working garner a roster of Meme-lords, Digital artists, Influencers, Athletes and even celebrities, to have an all-star lineup of NFT releases at launch. The NFT releases would also be paired with Merchandise to add further value to each unit iterations.
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2021.09.16 12:06 Tsquare43 [5992 x 5010] USS Saratoga (CV-3) flight deck forward afire, 21 February 1945.

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2021.09.16 12:06 PolicyWide ‘Senjutsu’ ranking after two weeks of listening

  1. Hell on Earth (10/10)
  2. Senjutsu (9.5/10
  3. The Parchment (9.5/10)
  4. The Writing on the Wall (9.5/10)
  5. Stratego (9/10)
  6. Lost in a Lost in a World (8.5/10)
  7. The Time Machine (8.5/10)
  8. Days of Future Past (8/10)
  9. Darkest Hour (8/10)
  10. Death of the Celts (6.5/10
I will say, there are no bad tracks on here. ‘Death of the Celts’ is at the bottom for me because it doesn’t feel as special as the others, it feels rather recycled and I quickly lose interest. However, it has some beautiful riffs and some fantastic bass lines which prevent it from being a bad song.
‘Stratego’ and ‘Lost in a Lost World’ took quite a while to get into for me, but I love both now!
I would consider arguing Hell on Earth is their best track of the 21st century.
Some muddy production and reusing riffs from prior albums across the record is annoying.
But it’s an A tier album for me.
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2021.09.16 12:06 Tessia0710 Where to read Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort - Chapter 38 online for free!!

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2021.09.16 12:06 nakikibaka [Serious] What's the most impactful "no" you've said recently?

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2021.09.16 12:06 Stonexplore What I don’t get it.

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2021.09.16 12:06 panditji_reloaded Telangana: Hindu man abducted, assaulted by 5 men for travelling with Muslim woman in Nizamabad district

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