yi46y z24n2 7h4if sr6r5 26bze 39n27 8he2b 4h4t2 nn7e2 bzd7b 7t88e d2dsk aryfb z8knr 95568 s8ty6 zsnyr t2b2e n2y87 zy588 h83b5 (23) Getting ready for netfilx and chill |

(23) Getting ready for netfilx and chill

2021.09.16 13:41 YaekoBratcher (23) Getting ready for netfilx and chill

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2021.09.16 13:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/ben-and-jerrys-to-end-sales-in-west-bank-674336

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2021.09.16 13:41 justheredolla Trouble dating again after really emotionally draining long term relationship

I was with someone for 4 years who was not in a good place mentally. He would take things out on me and was very emotionally neglectful. I finally chose me over the relationship and have tried dating again. My anxiety has me feeling very drained and uncomfortable. I started seeing someone I thought was kind but it didn’t work out. This small situation is bringing up the abandonment and neglect I felt in my previous relationship. The situation doesn’t warrant that huge of a feeling but that’s where I am. Now I want to just stop trying to date again altogether. Basically how do I stop feeling like everyone hates me and nobody will ever be genuinely interested in me?
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2021.09.16 13:41 Such_Veterinarian698 Thanks, I hate alive footwear

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2021.09.16 13:41 Pristine_Agency_3153 La vera facia di ric

La vera facia di ric submitted by Pristine_Agency_3153 to RichardHTTSubmissions [link] [comments]

2021.09.16 13:41 MRAXLE7 Can I use a plastic housing

So my ant colony just got there 9 worker and I found a perfect place for the to live until I build a outworld of course but the thing is it's made out of plastic and I was wondering can carpenter ants eat through plastic?
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2021.09.16 13:41 sasasavicx0 Artist uses only salt to create image of human skull.

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2021.09.16 13:41 sidi_sadisti Trying to find a unit nowadays be like

Trying to find a unit nowadays be like
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2021.09.16 13:41 Brandi_Bumblebee Tantric/Sexual Vampyres

I am looking for REAL energy vampyres, more specifically ones that feed off sexual energy. I've recently had a revelation, about my life and putting things together i realised that i do feed off of sexual energy. Wether that be sex in general or being around people who are aroused. Ive read that vampyres generally have this sort of awakening after puberty. But the thing is ive had this since i was practically born. I am not a sex addict. I dont have sex all the time, in fact its been months and i dont think about sex 24/7. In fact i realized that i tend to only think about it when i need it hence, when im drained as shit. Ive read through the posts and most of the people on here seem to be ones that would like to be a vampire but arent actually one, and the other seem to be questioning if they are and the real ones only seem to be Sanguine, or just regular psi. So my question for you is are there any tantric vampyres on here and if so can you give me all the information you know about being one or where i can find more information, like legitimate books or websites. Ive searched and searched and havent found a single thing on the internet. If you dont have any information then i would love to know if there are others that relate too me.
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2021.09.16 13:41 DharmaPersona1111 Pink Milkshake in The Pink City of Jaipur

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2021.09.16 13:41 CureDaBoredom 24m/UK - Looking for KNEW friends.

If you're here about the spelling mistake, baited. 1-0 etc. gg no rm.
I'm pissed because I wrote a post and browser decides it doesn't want to respond and crashes. ffs.
but yeah, title says all. Just looking for a new (knew) friend I can have some banter with as well as serious conversation. If you're light hearted and don't take things too seriously, we should get on fine.
I used to have a social life before lockdown (who's he lying to), now I'm just back to my 'nerdy' roots. I enjoy gaming, programming (don't do much anymore) and most things on the net.
I play OSRS (runescape masta race), used to play fortnite/LoL and recently tried out valorant (big noob rn). I enjoy PvP/competitive games, but not overly toxic about it. I'll try out some new games if you've got any recommendations.
Recently renewed Netflix, watched that new series of "How To Sell Drugs Online", ngl I think it's turned to shit now. I've watched most UK series like top boy, skins and misfits. Also binge watched some Kitchen Nightmares on yt (thats GHASTLY)
I work irl. (who's fukin idea was this)
I have a puppy, I can send snaps of.
I've got mostly all socials, don't mind adding after a few talks on Reddit.
I'm down to VC but don't mind if this isn't your thing.
I'll leave it the rest for talking, just send a message if you like the idea. gl finding friends.
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2021.09.16 13:41 Sovetika 1931. Fashion photo by Maurice Cloche, Paris - v20

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2021.09.16 13:41 PieAdministrative690 20[F4M] 1 Up:vo:te = 5nudes and 2video in the dm instantly🥰 comment DONE for AUTO send [Snapchat]moniyasex

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2021.09.16 13:41 Sep10berr Make a oc basd off of your favorite nickname mine is bean

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2021.09.16 13:41 LV58_DeathKnight Coop Bug , Helspire Tribe confederated every single norsca faction (Throgg included) during turn 12 and decimated my friend

Coop Bug , Helspire Tribe confederated every single norsca faction (Throgg included) during turn 12 and decimated my friend
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2021.09.16 13:41 Super-Ad-2456 🐶 Floki Musk 🐶 250k Marketcap and Growing Now 🔥 Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu 🚀 Great Community 🏆 Best Potential of the Year

Just launched 🚀 What is Floki Musk?
🐶 Floki Musk. We are the true son of Elon. Staking platform being built. Bridge to bnb on the way. At Floki musk we have real utility. 2% reflections to all holders. Locked liquidity. Contract built with FTP (super safe) Huge influencers and celebrities already on board. We’re looking to put perform Floki Inu
🎮 Get ready to build Floki Musk the coolest dog house, take him on walks, feed/ water him and socialize at the dog park. Use Floki Musk to purchase treats and toys to spoil him. The longer you play the better the rewards..
🎨 In our full scale NFT marketplace you will be able to purchase and use the NFTs in our play2earn game. The NFTs that are purchased will give you a better chance at earning more Floki Musk ⭐️ Key Features ⭐️
• Gamefi, Meme and NFT combined Token !!
• Rewards to Holders !
• Hyper Deflationary !
• 100% Transparency !
ℹ️ Flokinomics
• 2% FLOKI Rewards to Holders 🥞
• Upcoming Marketing !
• Daily CMS Post Trending !
• Twitter Influencer Promotions !
• Trending on DexTool !!!
• Banner Ads
• CG & TW Fast Track after launch 🔹 Contract: 0xf1ed76a8eda8de500aeff4be4a0e04496fd13861
🔹 BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xf1ed76a8eda8de500aeff4be4a0e04496fd13861
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf1ed76a8eda8de500aeff4be4a0e04496fd13861#readContract
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2021.09.16 13:41 shino91 Need more regional friends

Hi im located in the US and need more friends for regional raids 308371595215 Honestly i dont always send gifts but if im available and get invites for raids i check them out quick
Thanks in advance
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2021.09.16 13:41 SparklesMcHorny I think my eyes are my best feature?

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2021.09.16 13:41 FelixxxJ M24 Pretty Athletic Guy

Looking to chat casually, DMs are open
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2021.09.16 13:41 Izy78 Is this only subreddit worth staying if you care about moons?

I'm slowly getting into Crypto and getting some moons for few comments is awesome.
But anyone else have feeling that any other subreddit about cryptocurrencies are pointless when you can't earn moons in them?
I'm considering to be only staying in this, because noticing that you get some upvotes in another sub instead of this, feels kinda bad.
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2021.09.16 13:41 j2reditty Yellowing Yuca

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2021.09.16 13:41 RyleeChicken bro we have “eighties day” at school and it’s awesome- principle blasting music, tie dye, jean jackets, floofy hair, and more! it’s awesome

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2021.09.16 13:41 mikimilanebasmi So low collection but so god players

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2021.09.16 13:41 sosouthernsoundkits Jay Cactus - The Prick Vol. 1 & Drill Shots 2.0

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2021.09.16 13:41 steelneil82 Matt Mucus (Matt Lucas)

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