Death on the Nile Review

2021.09.16 13:32 grossartig_dude Death on the Nile Review

Just posted a review of Christie's Death on the Nile on my blog. Check it out and tell me what you think! I'm open for discussion.
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2021.09.16 13:32 deckard222 Isadeca

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2021.09.16 13:32 Zepplock You guys wanted a serious long-term project, SUBX is here to give you just that

It is not easy to manage a company, especially when you are running a business. This is because it requires outsourcing the marketing, customer acquisition, and other tasks to professionals. But what if you can access all these tasks in one place?

Devs at SUBX are very proud of the deals that they have to offer to their holders. Anyone can enjoy all of SUBX Software Pass apps for an affordable price at $98, and what's even better is that they get access to exclusive deals on all of our products that will help them run their business efficiently. That’s right, when SUBX makes money, you make money because they will take a portion of the profit and buy back to burn.
Listed on CoinGecko, SUBX is a token that was developed with an objective to empower Startups and SMEs around the world.

For more information on the SUBX, its features and more, visit and join their telegram group chat for more updates.

Contract Address: 0x5232152c8207653aeda5baa0ff7fb1046c23c753
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2021.09.16 13:32 I_am_skinny_asf You met an alien who's willing to destroy earth, he gives you a condition that if you could ask a question that he can't answer, what'd you ask?

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2021.09.16 13:32 willowbrunn ps2-ish games

first of all, let me clarify what i mean by "ps2-ish". i'm looking for games that kinda depart from that open word/move camera with right stick/regenerative invisible health bar format that every game nowadays seems to follow. i just don't have the right term to describe what i'm looking for, but it's games with more unique mechanics, and better focus on gameplay. the feeling i can mostly associate with older games, mostly from ps2/early ps3 era.
i don't mind if the story or graphics aren't really good, my main focus is just having fun with the game mechanics/difficulty
sorry if i'm too vague, i can't really explain what exactly what i'm looking for, i just can't enjoy those modern gaming trends and controls, so i'll tolerate and checkout anything that comes to the mind of yours. i mostly play hack n slash games or anything unorthodox enough
thanks, and sorry for any grammar mistake, english isn't my native language, i'm just an ordinary learner lol
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2021.09.16 13:32 saulerknight VOTE LEAVE

He's a moderate
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2021.09.16 13:32 Mindless_Method_2106 Creative ways for dealing with diplomatic status enemies?!

We've all been there, you've stormed a town or KO'd a noble and now you have them all beat up and helpless. Bringing justice to slavers in creative ways is a vice of mine in Kenshi, last night I dealt with Yoshinaga via a long bath in an acid lake. What are your choice ways of dealing with your most hated enemies? Because let's be honest, 20/40k cats feels like a paltry sum for some of the more heinous villains!
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2021.09.16 13:32 GiorgosSx Ergo seat !!

Hey guys has anyone bought the ergo seat for the svartpilen 401? What is your thoughts about it does it worth the investment ??
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2021.09.16 13:32 nimzmonroe (M22) Should i buzz or shave it all off am pretty confused on what to do with it.

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2021.09.16 13:32 sebastian-is-here children are annoying

stop crying BITCH im doing my homework
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2021.09.16 13:32 Spiritual_Explorer46 how sad is this

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2021.09.16 13:32 Physical-Fly-5610 The Witcher Star Anya Chalotra Is Obsessed With Henry Cavill

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2021.09.16 13:32 gymshark Meee

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2021.09.16 13:32 craiganater my D-link router only allows me to add port forwarding using my local IPs. how can i set up a port forward for friends to access a Minecraft server?

hey there, I have recently set up a minecraft server on a rasperry pi and can access it locally using the PIs local IP however I am trying to set up a port forward to open port 25565 for friends to access it using my public IP, however in my virtual server and port forward options in my router it will only allow me to set up local IPs.
after adding 25565 as a TPC and UDP port onto my local IP for the raspberry pi and using a site to check for the port on my public IP it still says that it is closed.
I have removed my cgnat from my ISP as well and have a static IP to make sure, but is there something else I am missing to get this to work?
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2021.09.16 13:32 Kittenstomper6617 Video g#mes cause racism, proven by my good friend Stuff

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2021.09.16 13:32 TheChamberPlaylist 21 Savage Exposes How Much He Would Sell His Masters For

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2021.09.16 13:32 undue-influence Not My Doctor

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2021.09.16 13:32 UnrealsDeals New Prego Coupon | $1.25 Pasta Sauce at Harris Teeter

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2021.09.16 13:32 AllCouponFree Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Free Certification Course Title: Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing
Enroll Here:
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2021.09.16 13:32 SAtechnewsbot Bonitas medical aid price changes for 2022

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2021.09.16 13:32 SAtechnewsbot Sonos Beam Gen 2 brings Dolby Atmos, eARC for R10,000

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2021.09.16 13:32 Anti-Pooper Based on real life incidents....

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2021.09.16 13:32 PhilosophyNew7216 💸 AdaCash is launching TODAY, 10% ADA Rewards & HUGE Marketing [Fair Launch] 💎

💸 AdaCash aims to be the fastest-growing cryptocurrency of its kind. AdaCash will reward holders in a unique way. Our tokenomics include a monthly increase of the Buying Fee tax regarding the ADA rewards. This means that holders will receive larger and larger awards as time goes by. 💸
Inspired by many ADA reward tokens, we saw a huge potential on this market, aiming to be the biggest one in this market.
🔴 We are launching today, 6PM UTC. There will be a fair launch, with no pre-salers. 🔴
🌕 ADA reflections will increase 0.5% every month, starting from 10% and going up to 15% in rewards.
Sell fees will stay the same.
-Our Marketing Plan
As soon as we launch, we will apply on CoinGecko, launch poocoin advertisements 24/7, pay 2 Twitter influencers with more than 100k followers, and one tiktok influencer. Within a few days, our marketing wallet will grow, and we will use those funds for even more aggressive marketing on different platforms, ie facebook. We also plan to use the marketing funds to buy votes on CoinHunters & CoinSniper to get to the top #1 crypto on these platforms. After we reach 1,000 holders, and we get some volume, we will apply to CoinMarketCap.
-Our Tokenomics
🔴 Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
♨️ Fee: 10% from all transactions goes as a reward to holders, 2% goes to the marketing wallet.
⚡️ Redistribution automatic every 24 hours.
🌒 Noone can hold more than 2.5% wallet(Anti-Whale).
✅ Early investors will have the true opportunity to return their investment in a few days, as long as we get a good volume flowing.
✅ Team doxxed + Audit will be completed by and Techrate, the companies who Audited the biggest BSC projects in 2021.
Links related to AdaCash.
📜Contract 📜:0xdeada45851ed1d0e81e46ca6daff7e4777428390
💫 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.16 13:32 Niggles84 Anyone know where I can get an Irvines Cheeseburger Pie?

I see adverts for this EVERYWHERE but I can't bloody find it ANYWHERE
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