Ben thinks he's vacationing down south.

2021.10.19 16:12 ClanEpsilon Ben thinks he's vacationing down south.

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2021.10.19 16:12 Mario328x Question about character transfer

So it's fairly simple to transfer single player character from classic D2 LOD to D2R. I was wondering if the opposite is the same, transferring a D2R SP char to classic D2 LOD.
I'd like to import my old Holy Grail farmers in D2R, but also be able to, once in a while, transfer a mule to my old Plugy setup to keep saving items to Plugy's infinite stash.
Any input would be appreciated. May RNG be kind to you.
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2021.10.19 16:12 still-dazed-confused [project][Excel] looping to create an excel file from MSP and copying data across to it

I am attempting to produce some VBA in MS project to:

  1. Open a new instance of Excel
  2. Set up some columns
  3. Apply a filter in MSP and copy the contents
  4. Paste into the opened Excel file
  5. Save the Excel file
  6. Close the excel file
This is all being done for each resource in the project plan (there are three at the moment).
I have been using some code I produced a very long time ago which didn't have to iterate and open and close many Excel files and I wonder if this is what is giving me trouble.
At the moment I have three key issues;
  1. The paste command doesn't work. I have tried many types of paste and they either result in a picture including the Gantt chart being pasted in or nothing happens.
  2. The middle of three resources seems to be missed out - I suspect some error is happening which results in the loop being abandoned.
  3. I get multiple errors:
    1. Error: Invalid Procedure call or Argument
    2. Error: Object variable or With block variable not set.
If anyone can help me out I would be grateful :)
My code:
Sub emailFilteredResources() Dim MyXL As Object Dim Version As String Dim MSP_name As String Dim finish As Date Dim name As String Dim email As String On Error Resume Next ' keep going on an error 'message box asking for date for next friday finish = InputBox("Please enter the date for next Friday", "Date entry", Int(Now() + 8)) 'assumes that we will be running this on Thursday 'display all tasks OutlineShowAllTasks SelectBeginning ' restart from the beginning For Each Resource In ActiveProject.Resources If Resource.Work > 0 Then 'setup and apply filter for each resource FilterEdit name:="filter4people", TaskFilter:=True, Create:=True, OverwriteExisting:=True, FieldName:="Start", Test:="is less than or equal to", Value:=finish, ShowInMenu:=True, ShowSummaryTasks:=True FilterEdit name:="filter4people", TaskFilter:=True, FieldName:="", NewFieldName:="% Complete", Test:="is less than", Value:="100%", Operation:="And", ShowSummaryTasks:=True FilterEdit name:="filter4people", TaskFilter:=True, FieldName:="", NewFieldName:="Resource names", Test:="contains",, Operation:="And", ShowSummaryTasks:=True FilterApply "filter4people" ' apply the filter If (Err.Number) Then ' saw an error applying filter MsgBox "ERROR: " & Err.Description Err.Clear ' clear out the error GoTo NextResource ' jump to the next resource End If End If 'gather date from resource (name, email) as variables to be called later name = email = Resource.EMailAddress 'Copy data from the view SelectAll EditCopy rows = CStr(ActiveSelection.Tasks.Count) Debug.Print name Debug.Print email 'setup excel file 'Set the file version using time stamp. Would be nice to have a-z rather than h:m:s but that can follow Version = Format(Now, "yyyy-mmm-dd hh-mm-ss") 'find the current project's path and set the file name for the excel file to be produced myFilePath = ActiveProject.Path myfilename = myFilePath & "\" & name & " " & Version & ".xlsx" Set MyXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application") MyXL.Workbooks.Add 'MyXL.workbooks.Add.Name = "Exceptions.xlsx" MyXL.Visible = True = "Weekly look ahead" MyXL.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Weekly look ahead").Activate Set xlrange = MyXL.ActiveSheet.Range("A1") 'set the page titles in Excel xlrange.Range("o1") = "Start" xlrange.Range("o2") = "Finish" xlrange.Range("p1") = finish - 7 xlrange.Range("p2") = finish xlrange.Range("r1") = "key" xlrange.Range("r2") = "Late" xlrange.Range("r3") = "Finishing this week" xlrange.Range("r4") = "Starting this week" xlrange.Range("r5") = "In play this week" 'Set formats for colour key xlrange.Range("R2").Font.ColorIndex = 2 xlrange.Range("r2").Interior.ColorIndex = 3 xlrange.Range("r3").Interior.ColorIndex = 45 xlrange.Range("r4").Interior.ColorIndex = 43 xlrange.Range("r5").Interior.ColorIndex = 15 'paste in values to excel file THIS IS THE ISSUE!! 'xlrange.Range("a1").Paste '- nothing 'ActiveSheet.Paste Destination:=xlrange.Range("A1:g" & rows + 1) '- nothing 'xlrange.Range("A1:g" & rows + 1).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlpastevalues '- paste picture 'xlrange.Range("A:G").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues '- paste picture 'xlrange.Range("A1:g" & rows + 1).Paste '- nothing pastes xlrange.Select ActiveSheet.Paste '-nothing again :( 'put conditional formatting in place in excel 'set column widths With MyXL.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Weekly look ahead") .Columns("A:R").AutoFit End With xlrange.Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 100 xlrange.Columns("A:A").EntireColumn.AutoFit With xlrange.Range("a1:G" & row + 1) .WrapText = True .EntireRow.AutoFit End With 'save excel file MyXL.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs myfilename MyXL.ActiveWorkbook.Close MyXL.Quit Set MyXL = Nothing 'send excel file 'shift focus back to MS Project AppActivate "Microsoft Project" NextResource: Next Resource FilterApply name:="All Tasks" ' apply the filter End Sub 
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2021.10.19 16:12 looking_scary Halloweens best dressed 👻

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2021.10.19 16:12 Other-Ad-6845 Auto purchase items not working for couple of gods in Arena

From the last patch I noticed that auto purchase item not working for Yemoja and Herc on arena. Possibly more gods. I was waiting for the new patch and I thought it was fixed, but no. I checked Yemoja today and auto items still does working.
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2021.10.19 16:12 TrololoGuy2019 Dicas para lidar com agiotas?

Meus camaradas, a situação é a seguinte: sou um estudante de investimentos, afinal, sou membro do /investimentos. Identifiquei que o primeiro passo de todo investidor é montar uma reserva de emergência.
Como sou muito esperto, decidi pular essa parte e usar meu agiota em casos de necessidade. Acontece que na última vez em que perdi uma grana na rinha de macacos (Twelves estava meio resfriado no dia) e emprestei um dinheirinho do agiota para encher a saveiro, ele não tem parado de me cobrar.
Inclusive, ontem ele apareceu em minha casa, muito chateado aliás, ameaçando levar minha máquina de lavar! Pedi educadamente para que ele não fizesse isso, mas ele se manteve irredutível.
Gostaria de dicas dos nobres membros desse sub, para lidar com esta situação tão enfadonha.
Fiquem com DEUS!
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2021.10.19 16:12 mycryptobook MAJOR IDO ALERT 🚨OTIUM TECH 🚨 Be ready for the launch of the 1st TOURISM & LEISURE BLOCKCHAIN COMPANY !🔥 IDO oct. 30th on Pinksale🔥 LET’S revolutionize the Industry ✈️ A 100x Gem 💎 at the IDO stage ! 🚨Whitepaper, links and details below 👇

📣 OTIUM provides a comprehensive set of crypto solutions and apps for leisure professionals & customers to maximize loyalty and develop a more sustainable tourism. 📣 OTIUM team is already negotiating by a major hotel chain to develop the perfect loyalty plan bridged on the blockchain 📣 OTIUM team is developing a dedicated app to revolutionize the service and the interaction with customers in bars, hotels and restaurants
✅Doxxed team of 14 knowledgeable pros in the crypto and tourism industry. ✅Solidproof Audit & KYC. ✅Liquidity locked✅18 months vested token for the team
🚨Join the IDO to be part of the Tourism Crypto Revolution on the 30th of October on Pinksale - or regret later. ⚡️ Launch on Pancake after the presale / IDO ⚡️Marketing campaign to start just after launch - already funded
🌍 Social networks & Web 🌎 ➡️Web : ➡️Reddit : ➡️TG : ➡️ Twitter : ➡️ Facebook :
Come and see the team on telegram for any more details or read the whitepaper to see how huge this project is !
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2021.10.19 16:12 joey57013 DonacoToken - DNC is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

DonacoToken - DNC is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential DonacoToken - DNC is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

✅DonacoToken is Live. Low Market Cap. Low Holders

✅DonacoToken is a 100% community driven and fair launched meme token which builds value for its Hodlers through the liquidity pool acquisition, manual burns and reflections

✅DonacoToken is a community meme/utility token built on the BEP20 Token.

✅ Tokenomics are simple yet effective 10% Tax on Sell Orders 5% Liquidity Pool 4% Reflection to Hodlers 1% Marketing Wallet

✅ Liquidity Locked for 5 months

Here is the Tokenomics:

✅ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 DNC

✅ Burned at launch : 0.89%

✅ %4 - redistributed to holders

✅ Contract Address: 0x01B5364DE046B15ca561F51b6D6989cf803707fd

✅Pancakeswap Link:

✅Is this Community token ?

Yes, DonacoToken - DNC supports its community. We are engaged with our community.
We listen to our community..Join our community

🌐 Telegram:

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.10.19 16:12 nucleoid Why Japanese Chef’s Knives Are So Expensive

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2021.10.19 16:12 svanapps All-time highs next? Bitcoin holds $62K as the Dollar index tumbles to 3-week lows

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2021.10.19 16:12 thisappear Who is an independent Tamil creator do you think deserves a shoutout?

Be it a Youtube channel for comedy, music, skits, news, knowledge-sharing, gaming etc., or podcast, blog, magazine or whatever it is.
Let's support those who are truly deserved.
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2021.10.19 16:12 CarlosLarrosa Fan Art Barbanegra vs Urouge

Fan Art Barbanegra vs Urouge
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2021.10.19 16:12 vulvasaurio [actives] what kind of contam is this? Did I leave them too long? is it salvageable?

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2021.10.19 16:12 SLoWRoLLJoEL What happens to CRO cashback when the total circulation matches the max supply??

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2021.10.19 16:12 Kent_H Web Version of Fate/Stay Night

So I've been working to convert the F/SN VN into a website for the past year.
Yesterday, I checked off the last item on my todo list. It's ready! Check it out!

The main features are:

Not everything is perfect; there's still things that are broken, and a lot that I'd like to add. But it's good enough.

Please tell me what you think! I'd love to get feedback.
(You can also report issues here, though I can't promise what'll be prioritized.)
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2021.10.19 16:12 pythondrink How many Shazams do u have?

View Poll
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2021.10.19 16:12 qoppasusan Free PDF Reader for Linux: PDF Studio Viewer

Hi, just checking up to see if you've taken a peak at PDF Studio Viewer. It's completely free, even our most current version, vs. Master PDF Editor that only offers a free download for their outdated versions. PDF Studio Viewer offers many features to edit documents such as the ability to make annotations, mark ups, fill forms, render digital signatures, perform advance printing, and save large files with our document storage integrations.

Please let me know if you have any questions we would love for you to write an article on our software.
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2021.10.19 16:12 worktheclinch No way that guy has hands

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2021.10.19 16:12 mangotheultimate Spotify

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2021.10.19 16:12 Bossmanplayzzz I found the dragon borns REAL voice - skyrim

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2021.10.19 16:12 davidporter_jewelry Beautiful Rings

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2021.10.19 16:12 bigDottee test post

hi this is a test post
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2021.10.19 16:12 OceanDescendant fried potato (definitely cooked evenly 😃)

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2021.10.19 16:12 Patterson9191717 Solidarity with IATSE Rank-And-File! Vote No on Concessionary Contract! For a Militant Rank-And-File Led Strike!

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2021.10.19 16:12 mlthrowaway202107 Long interview

Hi everyone,
within the next days I will have a PhD interview which sounds quite interesting to me. However, the interview is scheduled to be quite long. It will take about 4 hours and in the end I will present something. My other interviews were nowhere near that long which confuses me quite a bit. Does someone have an idea what I should expect in such a case?
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