Van Zieks is basically Godot but wine instead of coffee

2021.10.19 18:49 DrWario2006 Van Zieks is basically Godot but wine instead of coffee

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2021.10.19 18:49 Weak-Ad-5252 Unable to get a job because of social anxiety - advice needed

Hello, first of all i'm sorry for my not so great english skills, and yes, this is a throwaway account.
I'll try to keep the post short but i'll gladly answer any additional questions.
I'm a 20 year old guy that always suffered from social anxiety in some degree, but usually i can "man up" and deal with it whenever it's really needed - for example, i avoid any contact with people overall but if i know i can't avoid it if i want to get something done i'll just go for it even though i find it uncomfortable - like asking a random person for directions, speaking in person with someone that has way higher authority or whatever.
The issue is, i started college recently and i REALLY need to get a job, and i honestly want to but fear of two things makes me paralysed.

  1. I hate phone calls with passion, especially with strangers, and ESPECIALLY with strangers that have authority (like an employer). I don't know why, but i've always been this way, and i'd be able to do all this stuff in person, or through text, but i can't get myself to do anything over phone. I already had this thing happen to me that i missed a call (for unrelated reasons) that was most probably a potential job offer, and i couldn't force myself to call them back because of anxiety.
  2. I have high expectations from myself and whenever i look at some of the job offers, i think to myself that i will be underperforming for whatever reason even though i'd probably be just fine. I'd like to think that i'm fairly clever and yet i can't keep these thoughts away.
How do i fight this? I need a job badly, everyone thinks i'm a lazy bum for not getting one yet, and i'm just fucking terrified. Therapy is not really an option right now.
Thank you for your attention.
tl;dr i'm a bitch, too afraid to speak with people (especially over phone) and therefore can't get a job. what do i do?
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2021.10.19 18:49 SirHammyTheGreat Can someone tell me what I need to plug into what?

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2021.10.19 18:49 SteO153 70% of population in Bangkok now fully vaccinated

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2021.10.19 18:49 PizzaAstronaut So, are we ever going to admit that people are overreacting about this whole NFTs outcry?

All I see is people with herd mentality throwing shit about NFTs because "bad morals" and "bad practices", calling to boycott the game, and fearful that Dead by Daylight is going to dissapear from Steam. Do you even understand what happened? I'm really concerned that virtually everyone is misinformed and kindly following whatever the collective says you should be angry at.
As far as facts go, Behaviour probably had to collaborate with Boss Protocol in order to get the Hellraiser licence into the game. What was the extent of this collaboration? The 3D model of Pinhead and probably Chatterer (maybe future skins) for Boss Protocol to use in whatever the hell they want, and redeemable DLC codes of the chapter for the NFTs owners: that's it.
So, what's so evil about this whole thing? I've read the words "scam" all over the place. It is not a scam. It appears 90% of the players preaching about it don't even understand 100% what NFT's are, talking about people buying things for the illusion of "owning" while buying virtual skins for games you don't even really own. And strictly speaking, that whole moral dilemma about NFTs is completely unrelated to Dead by Daylight and Behaviour. Is not like they are producing skins or content exclusively for NFTs owners, so we won't get any limited content.
I've read a lot of comments saying the game will dissapear from Steam while ignoring the fact that Steam will just not include games that offers articles through NFTs or includes blockchain technology, which Dead by Daylight does not have: there are two different things, and 95% of the playerbase is preaching nonsense and ignorance about it.
Lastly, I'm seeing people laughing at the fact that the devs didn't know about this whole situation while being against NFT's. Yeah, Behaviour is a company and each individual is entlitled to their own opinion that doesn't have to reflect the company's. You are all treating this as them making a pact with the devil, argumenting that NFT's are "bad for the enviroment", "a scam", "very inmoral!". How? You can say that about literally almost everything you use daily, and I would happily get in a conversation about it, but some barely understand this whole thing while trying to start a boycott, crying about Behaviour "betraying the community". Give me a break.
And no, I couldn't care less about NFT's. I don't like the idea, I think the whole premise is dumb and not interesting enough for me, so I'm not defending them.
The day I see a single skin behind a crypto paywall, I will gladly eat my words, but today is not the day, and this whole debate is just pure nonsense. So, considering all I said, what's all the fuss about? Is there someone who can articulate a good argument in favor of this outcry that doesn't include the overly-regurgitated crap I've readd all over social media?
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2021.10.19 18:49 Ste19921992 $STRX⚡️TradeStrike - First crypto in space, partnership & more! (Updated DD)

$STRX⚡️TradeStrike - First crypto in space, partnership & more! (Updated DD)
Current Price: $0.1928
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Burnt: 112,175,000 Locked: 230,270,566 Circulating: ~657,500,000 Market Cap: $124,830,047
STRX - officially the first crypto in space!
“With a partnership and big news ready to be announced, we begin our journey with the relaunch of StrikeCoin, as StrikeX — our upgraded, bespoke and Certik-certified token.”
Today TradeStrike’s new native token StrikeX was listed on CoinMarketCap and has been subject to an exponential rise. It is Currently the #1 top gainer on their leaderboard.
Over the last week many new eyes have came across TradeStrike, this is apparent with the amount of holders we have gained and the current PPS. With this many new eyes there are bound to be a few of you wanting to do more research.
TradeStrike aims to create a limitless & frictionless trading experience using $STRIKE blockchain; a decentralised approach to trading equities, crypto, NFTs & real-estate.
Note the new website will include a fully updated whitepaper and roadmap.
TradeStrike Lite
The first of their products, TradeStrike Lite, aims to be the leading DEX in the crypto space. Currently in the final stages of development and in the hands of Certik to ensure the highest standards of security. The release of the DEX will be accompanied by their new website which is believed to be far more comprehensive than the current website - including new features, and a lot of information and developments which are being held back!
The main aims of the team, after security, have been to ensure the best possible user experience and visuals, so I have a feeling this is going to stand out from the crowd. Take a look at their socials to find some teasers, you won’t be disappointed!
The DEX will allow staking which will provide huge incentive to hold onto your coins as well as providing stability to the coin.
There are also plans for a V2 of the DEX to add some extra features which is said to set it apart from its competitors, there hasn’t been much info given on this so it will be interesting to see what they have up their sleeve!
Skynet and Certik Shield
As the leading name in crypto security, TradeStrike have not only acquired the services of Certik to audit their DEX, they will also be using their Skynet and Certik Shield services. This provides 24/7 security monitoring and insurance of any lost or stolen assets.
StrikeCoin Wallet
During the recent AMA 2, it was revealed that the StrikeCoin Wallet was fully funded and development has begun by a team from Antier Solutions, a highly regarded blockchain development company, and is expected to be released by the end of 2021, beginning of 2022 at the very latest. The wallet will have the ability to withdraw and deposit using both crypto and fiat assets. With the difficulty surrounding withdrawals and deposits recently, this could be a game changer. A one stop shop for all your crypto needs.
The main platform which is in early development and due for release Q4 2022 of which $STRX will be the native token. This will allow 24/7 trading of crypto, stocks, NFTs & real-estate through the use of Tokenisation and blockchain technology, which is tipped to be a huge industry in the coming years. Working along side one of the biggest law firms on the planet, Latham & Watkins, to ensure regulatory compliance from the start.
What else?
With the release of the DEX imminent, this is set to be the start of their first marketing push. Lined up they have a “Top Tier” partnership announcement (have a look at their socials for a teaser - any ideas?)
With the release of the new token, StrikeX contains temporary tokenomics in the form of a tactical 3% selling tax, and a safeguarding 0.5% anti-dump feature that will expire in 9 months, as the flagship product; TradeStrike, prepares for its launch.
The team also added $1m to the liquidity pool, which will be locked for 2 years!
The team have also suggested that the TradeStrike platform is not the end goal, but to eventually operate their own blockchain!
There has also been a deal made with an unnamed English Premier League footballer (Rumoured starting 11 of a top 4 club) in the excess of 400k tokens. The use of these funds has not yet been decided but has been suggested it may go towards an exchange listing among other suggestions. Not only is this a good boost to the funding of the project, but could prove to be monumental on the marketing side of things. Big money investments if they can tap into this audience even through word of mouth! There is a supposed 3 premier league players invested, along with a player from ligue 1 in France!
I encourage you all to do your own research and pop into the socials for a chat, where the devs and team are very active.
Contract address:
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2021.10.19 18:49 whitecollarOG Rent or buy?

I’m in a position where I can either buy a condo (high park) that will require a short commute to work or can live in the Bay St corridor and walk to work in 5 min if I rent.
Part of me thinks that with wfh being more and more common buying condo would essentially lighting money on fire in the long run, but I’m also aware that ownership does provide some security. I won’t have to worry about rent increases and can rest easy knowing that there’s no chance of eviction.
The other thing holding me back is that I’d like I’d to buy a home when I eventually settle down (~10 years from now) and I’m trying to decide if better off renting + investing or buying a condo to save on rent and sell it when I need a down payment.
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2021.10.19 18:49 Noderpsy A fool and his money are soon parted...

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2021.10.19 18:49 FreeOMMP [W]: 64gb of DDR3 ECC 8gb, 1600mhz, 1rx4 R720

well; as the title says I'm looking for some ram to upgrade my lowly servers ram. I'm on a low budget though.
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2021.10.19 18:49 goosiest POV: you see a nervous man

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2021.10.19 18:49 Professor_Crab [Flynn] NOW: "A distraction." Doc Rivers on Ben Simmons... also "There is no reality. This is sports."

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2021.10.19 18:49 gemigettnamn New headset?

Have anyone seen these? Are they out on the market?
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2021.10.19 18:49 Best-Blacksmith-9557 Cough it up

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2021.10.19 18:49 JTUkko Nothing to divorce me about

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2021.10.19 18:49 LL11LL2 Trading 4 black panthers and 4 capybaras :)

Only trading together. Not looking for ready made versions and asking me to add. I'm looking for good legendaries
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2021.10.19 18:49 twilightuuuu How's this meta treating you?

Fellow Asia leaderboard runner here. Clinched the #1 spot once earlier this year.
I'm currently at a 5.64 win average over 132 runs this season. That's pretty abysmal for me - the last time I did this poorly was over 5 years ago!

It feels like my decks are pretty bad on average. Comparing to my 2-2 opponents' decks, anyway. I do play all classes evenly, but it's not like the class balance is record-breakingly bad right now. Perhaps I'm drafting wrong? Who knows? It's not like this meta is suddenly so different from before.
Now, this isn't a meta rant post or anything. I'm sure some of you are winning more as much as I'm not. I just wanted to say, if you're on a super-long cold streak right now, you're not alone.
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2021.10.19 18:49 thespaceitake I engraved an artist conk mushroom, painted it, and beaded this cute little windchime together for a friend 🍄👌💗

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2021.10.19 18:49 OneOfScottsTots4 Quite musty, I must say.

My bf's sister (11) is always musty. Everytime I'm around her. & she's an active child. Playing with the dogs, her brothers, outside. She gets the energy up & you can smell it. I've only been dating my bf for a year & I don't know if its appropriate to tell her that she needs deodorant. How do I tell her? I grew up the youngest so I don't have much experience talking to ppl younger than me & I'm not trynna have her tell her mom that I said something mean to her. Also she's in her own home, in her own comfortability. I don't want to be like I'm here so clean up. 😬 help someone.
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2021.10.19 18:49 AdventureMonte My recommendations for Nexus Pro parts...

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2021.10.19 18:49 General_Galileo אקס קיו סי ילד סנטר

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2021.10.19 18:49 Technocrat837 The only person with whom you have to compare yourself, is yourself in the past.

Sigmund Freud
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2021.10.19 18:49 Cruxbff Remember to check this on your PC..

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2021.10.19 18:49 Glenathon For those who are worried about transferring from an old iPhone to a new iPhone during a session

I’ve done some searches on this sub and across the internet and seem to see various results, so I just wanted to log my (successful) experience with transferring my Dexcom G6 data to a new phone during an active sensor session hoping that it may help you.

I didn’t delete any apps or data or anything like that. I just followed the steps above and was successful. YMMV, but I hope it doesn’t and this works for you perfectly. :)
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2021.10.19 18:49 KennethScott35 When somebody says 5G doesn't cause coronavirus.

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2021.10.19 18:49 Worldsuckssosad Seems like too many of you haven’t found out about dealing.

It’s simple. Quit your job, find units lower than street value. Buy them, sell them. Something tells me you people aren’t the type to have made any connections in the market tho. Oh well.
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