Loving these!

2021.10.19 18:45 MrsDillagan Loving these!

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2021.10.19 18:45 maschx IRNT go brr. Up 14% today

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2021.10.19 18:45 Thereforeo Which mobile GPU is better for Deep Learning: NVIDIA RTX 3070 or NVIDIA Quadro T1000?

For the next coupe of years, my work will be focused on Deep Learning, mainly in the field of Computer Vision. Either be it training of some POCs, inferencing and so on.
After a request from my employer to search for a portable PC adequate for my needs, around a certain budget, my initial research led me to a portable PC with a NVIDIA RTX GeForce 3070 GPU.
However, another employee is suggesting that we get a portable PC, around the same price point, but with a NVIDIA Quadro T1000 GPU. I tried to do some research online in the goal of comparing both, but very few results can be found related to the Quadro series (especially the mobile ones). Most of the comparisons I found were game-centric, however I would like a more "scientific" or "deep learning" related benchmarks in order to properly compare both GPUs for the mentioned purposes.
I was quick to think that the 3070 is far better than the T1000 simply because the 3070 boosts 5120 CUDA cores, whereas the T1000 only has 768 CUDA cores. Is this a grounded assumption? Or there is more to it?
Any input, ideally with some concrete backup proof/explanation, would be immensely appreciated.
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2021.10.19 18:45 Jaskaranveer Your best uno or cards memories?

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2021.10.19 18:45 Dan12326 In Preseason Changes Riot Are Nerfing Scuttle Crab? Is This to Save NA?

Riot believes that scuttle crab is 'too impactful early' so they're nerfing it. But is this really the reason or are they desperately trying to convince blabber it's not worth diving headfirst for crab every game :) Personally though I don't know exactly why they are nerfing scuttle so much for preseason and don't really think it's worth all the trouble I do however quite enjoy the memes that can come out of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB8E5ZXmKSE
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2021.10.19 18:45 BadaB00mBabay 🇺🇦🇧🇾И к главным новостям. Украина впервые за 30 лет независимости импортировала яйца из Беларуси. По словам главы "Союза птицеводов Украины", эта отрасль в стране убыточна уже два года. Производство яиц на Украине сократилось на 3 млрд штук. Это четверть всего объёма производства 2020 года.

Это яйца!
Ранее украинский агрохолдинг выпустил миллиард яиц с надписью "Сытника геть". Руководство предприятия обвинило директора антикоррупционного бюро Украины (НАБУ) Артёма Сытника в том, что он уже долгие годы "кошмарит" бизнес из личной мести.
Из-за этого закрылись 29 ферм и 12 птицефабрик. Без работы остались 13 тысяч украинцев, а бюджет страны недополучил 1,5 млрд гривен налогов (около 4 млрд рублей), сообщили в компании.
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2021.10.19 18:45 FineLadyBot FA Cup (First Round Proper) - Bluebirds drawn against Banbury United (Away) [cross-posted from /r/BarrowAFC]

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2021.10.19 18:45 swinder867 Just showing off my handsome man Nikola

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2021.10.19 18:45 Playful_Simple876 🚨 $500 Freeroll 🚨 All day action 🚨 We host roe and plo 🚨 Daily Freerolls 🚨 1000+ members 🚨 Club code XBQND

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2021.10.19 18:45 BusinessFudge9973 I'm crying because of nostalgia

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2021.10.19 18:45 hufflepuffprefect Looking for red cream soda

Does anyone know where you can get red cream soda in Utah County? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.19 18:45 flipomedox Hi ! I run a business on Instagram and facebook, when i share story on instagram and want to post it in same time on facebook they goes to my profil not my facebook page, all my settings are link correctly

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2021.10.19 18:45 Legazyyy16 SBU scam in honor of homecoming

Why tf is dining dollars worth less real dollars? Why are we forced to pay more for our dining plan, when we can save money by using actual dollars instead?? $cam
The student union is not for the students at all. Faculty just wanted prettier offices and us students had to pay out of our pocket for it. We can’t get ACs, and get dog food to eat, and they spend millions on a building for faculty
Someone make it make sense.
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2021.10.19 18:45 plugindeals DiscoDSP Bundle - 34% Off - Only $ 263.34 - You get HUSTLE 2 - Virtual Beatmaker for Trap by UJAM for Free

DiscoDSP Bundle - 34% Off - Only $ 263.34 - You get HUSTLE 2 - Virtual Beatmaker for Trap by UJAM for Free https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/discodsp-bundle-multi-effect-synth-bundle/#a_aid=plugindeals

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2021.10.19 18:45 code_hunter_cc How to update React Context from inside a child component?

I have the language settings in the context as like below
class LanguageProvider extends Component { static childContextTypes = { langConfig: PropTypes.object, }; getChildContext() { return { langConfig: 'en' }; } render() { return this.props.children; }}export default LanguageProvider; My application code will be something like below
My Page is having a component to switch the language
LanguageSwitcher in this MyPage need to update the context to change the language into 'jp' as below
class LanguageSwitcher extends Component { static contextTypes = { langConfig: PropTypes.object, }; updateLanguage() { //Here I need to update the langConfig to 'jp' } render() { return ; }}export default LanguageSwitcher; How can I update the context from inside the LanguageSwitcher component ?
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/reactjs/how-to-update-react-context-from-inside-a-child-component
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2021.10.19 18:45 Poppel_Yang A Crimson Wish

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2021.10.19 18:45 theogdrake Finding your clone

In our modern world, social media collect an enormous amount of data about us, for example, Instagram, the posts you like, the ads that you click and so forth..
How about making a program that will analyze all of these data, and match up people who almost like the same things about everything, who like same posts, follow the same accounts, artists, sports etc..
There are more than 1.3 billion users using Instagram, so the possibilities are endless, and it would be soooo interesting to meet or talk to the person who almost likes everything as you do, there's a high chance that your personalities will be almost the same as well.
Maybe they can add a feature to Instagram that will list the people that you'll most likely get along with, plus it's a nice way to make new friends from anywhere in the world :p
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2021.10.19 18:45 Fisch_guts Absolutely stunning

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2021.10.19 18:45 dannnnte78 Kevin conroy in the Lego batman movie

Who was Kevin conroy in the Lego batman movie because in the movie and tv description it's said he was in the Lego batman movie
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2021.10.19 18:45 No_Tax_6671 Referring Code

Use my Username to join the Pi App (Network).
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2021.10.19 18:45 TheodoreKelly25 m

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2021.10.19 18:45 Hefty_Garlic6883 How was nursing school?

Hello! I am a senior in high school looking to major in nursing at a 4 year college for a BSN.
Right now, my end goal is to be a CNM or a pediatric NP because I am passionate about helping women and children and I want to make at least some people’s experience with healthcare a positive one.
I just want some perspective or advice from actual nurses who have been through nursing school.
Is there something specific that I should be looking into when it comes to nursing schools other than NCLEX pass rate and direct admit?
Where did you go to school? How was your experience? What do you wish you knew before starting?
Any insight would be very appreciated.
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2021.10.19 18:45 BRISKMETAL CRK Concept #12: Cocoa Cookie

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2021.10.19 18:45 appleAL04 What do you all think of this cleaning cloth for Mac screens on the Apple Store?

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