Would being denied from a gay bar for being straight be considered illegal?

2022.01.28 17:04 SimonsPure Would being denied from a gay bar for being straight be considered illegal?

This is more of a hypothetical that I was talking about with my girlfriend last night. I'm sure lots of people have heard of or encounted a time when someone has been denied from entering a gay baclub for being straight. Would this be considered illegal as sexual orientation is a protected character? If so what could be done about it?
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2022.01.28 17:04 Square_Ad6483 My favorite guys are the guys who flirt with me :)

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2022.01.28 17:04 chatxx the day all dishies are afraid came

..dishwasher goes Kaputt! Suddenly all buttons turned dead :(
Luckily it was towards the end of my shift. But still, the horrific scenario continues on Monday, the nearest appointment my boss found for repair :/ (but we're closed in the weekend).
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2022.01.28 17:04 PieGuy09 Brand new vanilla SMP bedrock realm.

This realm was made a few days ago, and it is intended to be a long term survival world with no cheating of any kind. (Cheats are off.) Please send me a DM for more details and for rules.
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2022.01.28 17:04 kpingvin I guess yeast is pretty important when making bread

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2022.01.28 17:04 Kogasuke_Uchiha91 link for tracker pls?

i haven't updated in a while and sorta gave up. but i want to be in track again. i want to move on.
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2022.01.28 17:04 Least-Cause-5545 Hockey tickets

Senior trying to catch my last cornell harvard game! hmu if u still want to get rid of urs, would forever be grateful
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2022.01.28 17:04 longndthic Need Some Help!

Need Some Help! Hello everyone
I need some help
For context I am a Moroccan student in what we call preparatory classes for engineering schools. It's basically the first 2 years of college and I'm supposed to do a project that uses some of the knowledge we gained.
I thought of doing a study around a magnetic blood flow sensor based on Bernhard Vennemann's "(2020) A smartphone-enabled wireless and batteryless implantable blood flow sensor for remote monitoring of prosthetic heart valve function. PLoS ONE 15(1): e0227372. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0227372" And to perform the experiment I need to make the implantable flow sensor which is made of 2 components:
1- A ring made of cubic magnets (circular Halbach array) . It creates a Magnetic field so when our conductive liquid (blood in our case) passes through generates a voltage differential picked up with electrodes in contact with the outside of the conductive vessel wall.
2- An electronic circuit consisting of three main functional blocks: signal conditioning, supply control, and a wireless interface broadcasting a signal visualized by a smartphone application.
I have two issues: First, in the wireless interface Mr Vennemann used a SL13A-AQFM, I couldn't find that. Second, there is no Android application available for sensing the signal coming from the implanted sensor so I need to make one and all I have is some algorithms in Vennemann B's "Wireless Blood Flow Sensing for Automated Diagnostics https://doi.org/10.3929/ethz-b-000334207" Starting from Page 89 and I have no idea to use it.
Can I replace the SL13A-AQFM with a raspberry pi or an arduino for example that is programmed to have the same role as the wireless interface?
And can i have some help making the application and some code based on the algorithms.
I'll use every piece of advice.
Pardon my english.
Thank you.

Functional block diagram of the electronic circuit.
Illustration of the heart valve monitoring system.
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2022.01.28 17:04 madadgeh Refund Policy of Air Canada?

Hello everyone, can anyone please tell me how is the refund policy with air canada? Is it made a convenient process is what I'm meaning to ask. I have a flight booked on the 5th of February from Delhi to Ottawa via Air Canada. However it was just announced that there won't be a third country testing requirement anymore for people traveling from india. Which was such the case that mostly only direct flights were being made available until now. Anyhow since third country travel is an option now. I was just wondering if I could cancel my flight with air Canada and book a much more convenient fare via a third country. I have booked a complete refundable ticket via air canada. I was just wondering if anyone knows how is the refund policy from air canada being offered? Do they refund the entire money without any hassle? How many days would it take for the money to be debited?
I appreciate any suggestions/ answers. Thank you!
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2022.01.28 17:04 yeetusredeetus Whenever you get misgendered by someone they grow a horn on their head that can’t be removed

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2022.01.28 17:04 listalollipop Guesses on morph? I couldn't get a belly pic as it wouldn't stop moving :o was surprised to find this lil dude at the pet store, didn't take him home, just trying to learn morphs :)

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2022.01.28 17:04 meganisawesome42 How Dare You Want More - Official Tour Video

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2022.01.28 17:04 Smarty_PantzAA For people for dislike cal food, give feedback so they can improve

I see alot of posts now talking about how trash the cal dining food is, and people don't realize is how much cal dining as improved over the years. Of course they kinda went into a slump again due to covid (short supply of various ingredients), but the chefs there are really nice guys.
Give them some feedback here: https://caldining.berkeley.edu/connect/comment-card/ and we can help them improve, try to be descriptive: "the veggies had no flavor and were very mushy" or "the pork was really dry and tough" and we can help cal dining get better
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2022.01.28 17:04 artforthebody New user

Just picked up Roku ($30.) Express (I think) and setting it up. I went along and provided an email to start an account, however, the next page is asking for credit card info. Being this stick is going into a guest house, I don't want my payment info stored on it. What should I do? Should I do a factory reset and let the guest 'activate' it themselves each time? I'm completely unfamiliar with Roku.
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2022.01.28 17:04 Butt_Plug_Bonanza If you could only eat eggs prepared the same way for the rest of your life, which are you choosing?

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2022.01.28 17:04 Bzzzzzzzzagemann Trying again! Weather boosted regice on me 8216 2725 7771

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2022.01.28 17:04 chicagoting Portnoy in

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2022.01.28 17:04 TheresNoWorry EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tim Roth Confirms Abomination Will Be Human Again In Marvel's 'She-Hulk'

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2022.01.28 17:04 DragJonFruit 23 M Could use some friends :)

Hello! My name is Jonathan and im hoping i could find some friends here! LBGTQ ally! I love to game, sing, i love all things Marvel or Dc, i really enjoy anime, on my free time i love getting out and going on walks, i enjoy sunsets, exploring, nature in general, and i love to read fantasy :). If any of this interests you, let me know :) 🍪
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2022.01.28 17:04 PokeRaider77 Regice on me 6958 4557 8219

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2022.01.28 17:04 Jakemc0311 W: jangles the moon monkeys H: I will decide

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2022.01.28 17:04 cryptowargh DFKing v1.7 is out! Live blockchain data (mostly), MetaMask & Buy Heroes, Analyzer, & more!

DFKing v1.7 is out! Live blockchain data (mostly), MetaMask & Buy Heroes, Analyzer, & more! Hi all you DFKers!
With the recent v6 API launch (for the game) and land announcements, it is exciting times! We just need the market to behave now...
Anyway, new dfking.co v1.7 launch brings lots of new things. Twitter announcement here. The biggest one is the shift to using live blockchain data for much of the site. Hero Details, Analyzer, Auctioneer features all pull from live blockchain data. The hero search filter is still using the v5 game APIs which is a few days behind. So, until v6 API is released to public, that won't be fully resolved unfortunately.
We now support MetaMask and if the hero is on sale (live blockchain check), you can purchase heroes directly from the Hero Details page. The feature interacts directly with the SAME heroes smart contract that the game does, so the risk should be minimal. We still recommend you use the official game to purchase your heroes, but this is here for convenience and backup purposes.
Buy Hero
Check out the new Analyzer where you can easily view other wallet's and create custom hero comparisons via scratchpad.
As always, let us know if you run into any issues -- since this is a rather big and complicated release, we expect their to be some bugs here and there.
Happy DFKing all!

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2022.01.28 17:04 kriegstadt The Shadow of the Sow

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2022.01.28 17:04 88-CC NA Support Main Looking for a Duo

Hey All! As the title says, I’m looking for a duo, preferably ADC, but any role is fine. I’m currently in promos still so still not ranked yet. Please be 18+
Also if you don’t want to play ranked, still feel free to message me for my username. I’m on the URF grind at the moment!
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2022.01.28 17:04 EffectiveSpiritual41 WTF

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