Where Matt Walsh Makes A Mistake In His Anti-Trans (and many other) Arguments

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2022.01.28 15:49 Alden8394 Where Matt Walsh Makes A Mistake In His Anti-Trans (and many other) Arguments

He frequently says "X (gender roles, marriage, etc) has been around for thousands of years" (or similar type phraseology). But so has slavery. In other words, just because something has been around forever, doesn't make it right or good.
He needs to drop that in any of his arguments, because all the BAD societal things that have been around forever negate the justification of the mindset of "just because something has been around forever means it's good/right."
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2022.01.28 15:49 Temporary_Emu_4054 K-12 Librarian Positions Cuts

I've read a lot about how K-12 librarian positions are being cut in great numbers. What are they begin replaced with? How are students getting resources in these schools? Are they eliminating the print collections? An IT person managing a database?
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2022.01.28 15:49 ReachN4TheSky Bucket list item #222. Not done 100% but getting there.

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2022.01.28 15:49 Erutious Strings- Part 3

Part 1- https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/s3x7h0/strings_part_1/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Part 2- https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/s9hsp8/strings_part_2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

It's been two weeks since the party, and I'm beginning to think that my own time might be getting short.
I have had a shadow for the past few days, and it appears that the holder of my string has found me.
I blame the newscast for this, but I can't say I wasn't blameless. I let myself get swept up by my own small amount of celebrity. I got sloppy, and it came back to bite me. It appears I've made myself an easy target.
A few days after Gabe's party, I got a call from the local news outlet. They wanted to talk about Adriana's murder, and someone from the police department had leaked them my information. I agreed to tell them what I could about it, and they set up a time and a place for the interview. Apparently, the story had really taken off after the interview with Adriana's mother, and people were curious enough about it for them to squeeze ratings from it.
I had remained mostly uncommented on by anyone that wasn't at my high school until that point, but that was about to change.
My dad let me borrow a suit since the one I owned was about a size too small. As he helped me into the sleek black suit he used for presentations, I felt pretty sharp. This was easily the best I had felt in my entire life, and I was still riding the high of helping Lisa at the party. My celebrity at school had soured after the word got out that I had stopped her ex from kidnapping her. It seemed that I couldn't walk two feet without seeing a red string or an orange string, or a hopeful blue string trying to attach itself to me. I likely looked like the aforementioned popular girl with my web of connections zipping off every which way, and I had to stop myself from looking lest I give myself a headache. I was on top of the world, and I couldn't see how I could ever come down.
Though, when I saw the black string that stretched off into nowhere, I remembered that there was at least one person out there with less than friendly interest.
The interview went about as well as expected. The spin was very positive, Local Boy Arrives at Crime Scene in Time to Comfort Dying Girl, and the reporter was more than a little flattering. As usual, I didn't mention the strings. I stuck to the same story I had given the police. I had been walking and saw the man dragging a struggling girl from his van into the warehouse. I had been nervous, thinking about calling emergency services, before finding my nerve and plunging into the building to try and help her. I had arrived too late and called for help as I sat with her in her last moments. The news anchor had theatrically wiped a tear away and told me again how brave I was. I just sort of nodded and told her that it was nice of her to say so but that I was just doing what anyone should do if they see someone in trouble. The interview wrapped up, and as the cameras cut, she thanked me and told me she was sorry for what I had endured.
"Finding that poor girl like that….I can't imagine how that must haunt you."
On that note, she had no idea.
A few days later, I saw the van.
I believe the first time might have been a coincidence. I was walking home, Mark buzzing in my ear about something when I saw the van driving in the opposite direction. The windows were tinted, the driver little more than an outline, but I noticed him when he craned his neck around to look at me. I felt a prickle run up my back. He had nearly broken his neck trying to get a look at me, but I put it out of my mind. So what? Maybe he recognized me from the news broadcast. It was no big deal.
As Mark told me bye, it brought me back to reality.
He left for his house and left me to walk the three blocks to my own.
I hadn't been walking long when I heard a soft voice from nowhere.
"You have a shadow."
I jumped a little and tried not to look around. Adriana hadn't popped in for a chat since that night with Lisa, and her intrusions were a little worrying. I couldn't honestly believe some ghost girl was hanging out in my head but did that make her a manifestation of my own intuition or something? Some kind of Jiminy Cricket conscience voice that lived in my noggin? What was she, and why did she keep popping up?
"That van looks familiar," she said as I tried my best to maintain my pace, "kind of like the one he pulled me into."
I didn't dare look behind me, but I could hear tires driving slowly over the pavement.
This wasn't real. I had seen a van and was just psyching myself out. If I turned around right now, I would probably just see a mail truck or a taxi pulling up to someone's house. There was no proof that the vehicle behind me was the same white van at all.
But there wasn't any proof it wasn't.
"I'd cut down this side road. He's getting closer."
I cut down the alley before I could think about it too much. I heard the vehicle roll on as I sped up, making my way between two streets. The alley was too narrow for the van to fit, but I was sure it would double back and come for me on the adjoining street. I could hear the sound of someone accelerating, and I would likely come out of the alley just in time for them to run me over. I had started to panic when I looked down and saw the very thing that would likely send me over the edge.
The black string was rotating, following the course of the van.
"Duck behind that dumpster and stay absolutely still."
Adrianna's voice was deathly quiet, almost a pale whisper, and I found myself ducking behind that dumpster before I could stop myself.
From my vantage point, I could see it roll past slowly, the driver scouting the alley. I peeked from between a pair of trash cans, watching it pass with slow deliberateness. I couldn't see much through the tinted windows, but that black string sticking from the doorway told me all I needed to know. It was no coincidence that he was so close to my house, and I would need to take steps to ensure that he never learned where I lived.
He had found me, maybe through luck or maybe not, and decided that I needed to be silenced.
I stayed hidden there next to that stinking dumpster until I saw him take a left and drive towards Mark's neighborhood.
Then I booked it for home as fast as I could.
I got home and slammed the door, throwing all the locks before running upstairs. My guardian angel didn't speak up, so I figured I might be in the clear for the time being. I wasn't sure what to do about this, my mind tripping over a thousand different possibilities. I could tell my parents, but would they believe me? I had no proof that he had done anything, and if the police searched his van and found nothing, it would ruin my credibility. I could tell the police, but that would amount to the same thing as telling my parents. They might also decide that I was looking for attention or trying to divert them from myself and decide I was the real killer. My afternoons became a steady slog between the window and my door, wracking my brain for some way out of this. I would check the window, look down on the street for the van, cross to my desk and pick up my notepad, then walk to the door so I could tell my parents before throwing up my hands and doing it all over again.
The one person I could have talked to about this was as silent as the grave, which was fitting since that was where she now resided.
He let me stew like this for four days before he struck..
I hadn't seen the van since that first time, but I felt like he was still around. It's hard to explain, but I would get that feeling of eyes watching me, and I would suddenly change my course and walk another way. I cut through people's yards, went to friends' houses only to leave through their backyard, and took any roundabout way that I could to get home without being seen. That worked for a few days, but on Thursday, it was raining.
Mark's dad had picked him up for a doctor's appointment, but my dad was stuck at work. Mom was out getting some things from the market, and I did not want to stay out in the open waiting for her to come get me. I started running, kicking up puddles as I went, and by the halfway point, I was completely soaked. I kept looking around like a fitful deer, sure that the headlights of a van would find me any minute. I would hear the engine roar suddenly, and the last thing I would see would be the headlights and grill as it rolled right over me, silencing me forever. Maybe my mom would find me on the way back from the store. Maybe a passerby would be there to hold my hand as I had held Adriana's. Either way, I would be too dead to care.
The puddles exploded around my feet like landmines, but I barely noticed as they soaked through my sneakers. I was running flat out, my chest heaving and my heart thumping. My adrenaline was high, and I knew that I just had to make it home before he found me. He had discovered the general vicinity of my neighborhood, and the last thing I wanted to do was lead him right to my house, but it was so wet out, and I just couldn't stay in it for long.
When I turned onto my street, my porchlight in sight, I thought I was home free.
When headlights flooded the other end of the road, the GMC logo standing out on that white panel van, I knew I hadn't.
We stood, looking at each other like a pair of duelists.
I heard his wheels screech in the deep puddles when I took off running.
I was fifty feet from my yard when his tires found purchase. I could feel my sneakers squelching on the pavement, but I put on a burst of speed as his van sped towards me. He was sending water up in buckets, his van plowing down the road like a white bullet. I could see the front porch getting closer and closer, the light glimmering wetly through the pouring rain, but its proximity was no comfort. The van was getting bigger and bigger as it raced towards me, and I was easily twenty feet away as its headlights blazed maliciously.
I closed my eyes as my feet sank into the grass of my yard, my foot catching as I stumbled onto the sopping grass.
My craggy yard ended up saving my life that day.
As I tripped, I rolled across the grass, sliding to a stop on my face. The van drove over the spot I had tripped in a second later, and I heard the screech of tires as he nearly flipped his van on the wet road. He hit the brakes, the car sliding, and barely avoided hitting a tree. As he gained control of his vehicle, he squealed to a stop in the middle of the road, the rain pattering on his van as it steamed. I was dazed, but I kept enough witts to get to my feet and stumble for the door. My keys hung in my pocket, my roar ripping up my throat as I tore my pants getting them out. I could hear his door creaking open, his boots slapping at the turf as he came after me, and I knew that I had seconds to get the door between us. I could see him in my mind's eye, a knife or a piece of wood in his hand, with that sick grin spread across his face; the one he always wore when I remembered that day. The string would be thrumming between us, seeing its moment at hand as I came within inches of death.
I shoved the door open and careened inside, slamming it behind me as I threw every lock that I could find.
I looked down to find that the string was indeed thrumming, pulsing a midnight tone, as the man beat on the door with his fist. He screamed at me to let him in. He screamed at me to accept my fate. He screamed a lot of things at me as the rain beat down around the house, but I just backed away and reached into my pocket for the phone. I'd call the police, and they'd have him. He couldn't hide now. I had him dead to rights, and they couldn't say I was looking for attention when I...
My hand came back empty.
I fumbled in my pockets for nearly a minute before seeing it through the big front window and realizing I had lost it in the tumble.
My parents had no house phone, no one I knew had a house phone, and I had no way to connect with anyone without my phone.
Unless, I thought, I could get to the computer. If I could get upstairs and message my friends, they could call the cops for me. I looked at the stairs, my legs still aching, and saw the twenty-three steps as something akin to Everest. My chest hurt, my lungs ached, and my legs were torn up from my tumble across the yard. I didn't feel capable of walking to the couch, let alone up the stairs.
Either way, it was the only way I was going to get any help, and I steeled myself for the climb as I took that first step towards the stairs.
My adrenaline pushed itself back to the surface as I heard the door to the back porch smash open.
It appeared I had less time than I thought.
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2022.01.28 15:49 blue_diamond_linux Brave Version 1.34.81 - Pop!_OS 21.10: Brave Ads popup in the center top of the screen (where the date and time are), but you can't click on them. When you try to click, the ad disappears.

Up until a few weeks ago, Brave Ads worked perfectly, and then something changed. Now, the ads popup in the top center of the screen, but you can't click on them. When you try to click on them, they just disappear. I've tired everything (no change):

Nothing fixes the problem. Since the problem recently appeared, it must be due to some change in how Brave sends ad notifications to the OS, or something in Pop!_OS 21.10 changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Because of this issue, I have not been able to click on any Brave Ads in the month of January 2022.
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2022.01.28 15:49 thejellomaker I haven't shaven in over a year and I'm not ashamed

I'm a woman but I have not shaven in over 16 months.
I don't give into it, even though it's expected for women to do so in my culture.
Before I stopped, I rarely shaved anywhere besides my pits and crotch.
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2022.01.28 15:48 hungryhornyguy I recently switched companies and I can’t believe how much I get paid for my new job…

This sounds like a not-so-humble brag, but I’m curious if other people have also got this feeling after getting a new job with a significant salary increase. I live in a MCOL area and recently switched from an MSP, where the workload was never ending, to an internal IT role at a large company. This move got me a 50% salary increase for less than 50% of the work. I now make over $80k/year which is great for my area and experience level. I won’t say the exact amount for paranoia reasons, but the number is between 80-90. I came in a little late today, just took a long lunch, now I’m writing this post on company time because there’s nothing to do at the moment, and since it’s Friday I’ll probably leave early too.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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2022.01.28 15:48 400HPMustang USG DHCP Issue?

USG DHCP Issue? Hello. I have a USG 3 and all of my devices connect to it just fine, get their IP address from the USG's DHCP server and then just exist. My new IKEA Tradfri gateway seems to have other ideas.
According to an mDNS browser the gateway doesn't get an address
According to the USG, the Tradfri has an address

So I can't tell what's actually the truth other than I can ping the device

Does anyone have any experience with the IKEA Tradfri gateway and how to get it working? The IKEA app seems to work just fine but I cannot add the gateway to HomeKit which is really the entire point for me.
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2022.01.28 15:48 Soulless_conner Sim settlements was bethesda's mod of the month. Do you think they might add Auto-settlements in Starfield? (Not theorising based on this post)

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